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Aidan + Sally in every episode  → 1x1 ‘There Goes the Neighborhood Part 1’

Aidan + Sally in every episode  → 1x1 ‘There Goes the Neighborhood Part 1

my impression of the ships


Destiel shippers: We’re practically canon. You are wrong.

Wincest shippers: We’re practically canon. You are wrong.

Sastiel shippers: We should be canon but we guess it’s cool that we’re not. 

Sabriel shippers: We know we’re not canon. Literally all we want is for people to stop asking us why we exist! (and maybe for Gabriel to stop being dead)

Multishippers/Team Free Love:  image


Today is going to be mostly Sastiel with a slight Wincest from the north and maybe a few sprinkles of Megstiel this afternoon. 





a guide to the mortal instruments ships (by thelightwoodinstitute)


reasons to ship sam/kevin

  • age difference (if that’s your thing i know it’s my thing)
  • size difference oh god so much size difference and sam’s hands would be huge on the expanse of kevin’s back
  • they are both really intelligent and love to learn, they would probably geek out together over books and documentaries and they’d probably watch the discovery channel together
  • they both like healthy foods and they could cook vegan meals together
  • both of them wanted to go to college and have successful careers
  • neither of them wanted to have the lives they ended up with
  • their girlfriends were both killed by demons LOOK AT ALL THE ANGST POTENTIAL
  • they are both sassy as fuck and their banter would be cute

reasons not to ship sam kevin

  • look i really don’t have one so you should just ship it with me

Mickey, you’re back?



“She never loved Sam, she was using him from the start.”

“He only wanted her for her blood.”



So we all know this right here was Sam finally gettin’ his fix. But it was just so intimate the way he went for it. He didn’t have to do all that. He didn’t have to worship her body at first. But he did. And she LIFTS HER HEAD because she’s hoping for a kiss. And it’s like they’ve done this before, it’s just that he’s so hungry for it this time, so much that sex is the last thing on his mind. But she doesn’t mind, he’ll come back. 


LOOK AT SAM’S FACE. LOOK AT IT. Killing Ruby hurt Sam more than you think. She was there for Sam when Dean was gone and in hell. She liked french fries with a dash of salt on them, and when Sam would ask why she did that, she’d shrug and reply, “It’s like hot sauce. Gives it flavor.” Ruby liked old movies, like Godzilla versus Mothra, and she liked Sam. They’d spend nights together in bed, and she’d teach him all she knew about hex bags and spells and tell him stories. And when Sam wouldn’t be able to sleep—another Dean induced nightmare—she’d be there to shush him back to it, to remind him that he wasn’t alone. She’d encourage him yet keep him in line and she even saved his life. Maybe it was all because of the plan, or maybe it was because she didn’t want him to die because it would kill her. We’ll never know. 


Ruby didn’t make fun of Sam, or boast on how she tricked him when he unleashed Lucifer. She genuinely thought this was the right thing—and whispered to him in a kind voice, “You did it. You opened the door.”

man, fuck you, Ruby loved Sam


In case you were enjoying your day.

toph better go with them

and toph/aang better be a thing

doctor who meme

 five/five otps: Martha x Mickey